Facing Water Consumption

If the statistics from the “Ideal Shower for the New EcoAge” weren’t enough motivation to conserve water, here are some pretty shocking statistics and the statistics are my own. I have estimated my annual consumption below:

Whoa! 7243 gallons is a lot of water. These estimates are terrifying, especially considering, that my succulent dude 🌱 only consumes roughly 6.8 gallons of water in the year! Scarier still, domestic consumption falls at only 8% of global consumption. This means, the trillions of gallons in domestic consumption pale in comparison to the 70% of global water consumption found in agriculture [1].

Nevertheless, there are huge water savings to be made in the domestic realm. I urge everyone to fill out the table below and round up (we use water for innumerable things). And remember honesty isn’t necessary, but your utility bill and the earth’s freshwater ground stores will ultimately reveal the truth…

All values were calculated using the estimates I compiled from Conserve H2O and the Alliance for Water Efficiency organizations. See the table below for an extensive list:


*Note: Anyone suffer from tiny bladder syndrome?… I DO! and a functional (non-leaky) toilet before 1990 can consumes 3, 5 and sometimes as much as 7 gallons per flush. And to make matters worse, leaky toilets can waste up to 90 gallons in a single day!! WE NEED A UNITED FRONT AGAINST THESE MALFUNCTIONING TOILETS. Preach with me “The shower is basically a unisex urnal”… use it though, for real.

*Note: Cooking at home can certainly be healthier for your diet, but it remains to be seen if eating in or out is better for water consumption. Stats I found suggest a restaurants baseline consumption for cooking and cleaning is between 30 and 50 gallons per seat per night.

*Note: Regarding your laundry, a standard-size and standard-efficieny washer can use between 40-50 gallons per wash. High-efficiency washer save a lot of water!

If you haven’t checked it out already see my post The Ideal Shower for the New EcoAge and follow these links to Conserve H2O and the Alliance for Water Efficiency for information and water conservation tips! Have a beautiful day ☀️

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