Week 1 – Say No to Palm Oil

“La guerra al aceite de palma está declarada”. -ABC Sociedad.

On April 5th J. G. Stegmann journalist for ABC in Madrid, declared war on palm oil and I agree! Industry says ” En muchos casos no se puede sustituir (translation: in most cases it cannot be replaced)” but scientists disagree. Read the full article Estas son las alternativas al dañino aceite de palma (There are alternatives to harmful palm oil).

Week one: Tackle the Pantry!

In all honesty, the first week was not too bad. Of the four categories (pantry, fridge, bathroom, and laundry), the pantry is probably the easiest bench mark for me personally to meet because I prepare upwards of 75% of my meals. Nevertheless, when my sweet tooth is calling it is so hard to avoid the deep temptation for a sweet snack. As much as this is a challenge to remove palm oil from my diet, it is also a challenge to adopt a healthier (lower sugar) diet.

My Grocery Plunder:

  • Lonco Leche Vanilla Cultivated Leche (i.e. Yogurt)
  • Huevos (eggs)
  • Fruit for the week (Mango, Banana 🍌 , kiwi 🥝, ciruela (plum))
  • Salad makings for the week (Basil, Cilantro, Butter Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Avocado, Carrot)
  • Savory Snack: Tika Chips and Tika Crackers. Big Kudos to Tika for using olive oil and no Palm Oil! Whoot whoot!! And congratulations for cresting a ridiculously delicious (guilty) alternative to other less conscious brands that I can accidentally eat too much of in one sitting…
  • AFE Jugo Pera. A Chilean brand 100% Pear and in a glass bottle (ditchtheplastic)
  • Quilo Frambuesa Mermelada (Raspberry goodness MmmMmm), Chilean brand of 100% fruit jam.
  • Homemade integral pan. What is white sliced bread when you could have delicious, fluffy and complex flavor. AND! It is a sin against all good bread in the world to pre-slice!! I mean look at this beauty. This bread is phenomenal, I buy it every week. If you live in Santiago she stands at the corner of St. Isabel and Avenida Gen Bustamante above the metro steps. Spread the love and marmalade!
  • Sweet Snack: Nutra Bien Galletas con Almendras (almond cookies) with only canola oil. Most sweet snacks at the express Líder (Walmart subsidy in Chile) without palm oil contain *soya oil and plenty of other destructive ingredients.

*Soybean Production- to a lesser extent than palm oil – is also associated with deforestation. (Lesser only because about 6% of soy produced is used in direct human consumption.) Soy oil is primarily used in biofuel and livestock feed. Add Soya Oil carbon footprint and deforestion to the list of reasons to avoid beef 🐮.

Eating healthy does not have to be expensive and does not break the bank!!!

Making meals – without palm oil–  may sound daunting, but rest assured, I do it everyday. Beyond avoiding palm oil and destructive chemicals in processed food, cooking at home creates a sincere awareness for the food we put into our bodies everyday. And, if health, happiness, and palm oil are not enough reason to cook at home, your bank will thank you. Right Now, Right Here! I want to address a long accepted Myth (eating healthy breaks the bank). Eating healthy does not have to be expensive and does not break the bank!!! This article in Boston Globe does a good job summarizing my sentiment.

Below I have a few examples of my average breakfast, lunch, after school snack, and dinner! Please note, I am not a food photographer because I am not patient enough to stare at my food when I am hungry 😉:

Breakie 🍳

Here pictured are two examples of my average breakfast. On the left, fresh mango, vanilla yogurt, cinnamon, and mint. To the right, oats, soy milk, vanilla yogurt, chia seed, banana and cinnamon. I also often make smoothies of various fruit and prepare overnight rolled oats.

Lunchkins 🥗

For lunch, I pack a fresh salad and leftovers for the previous dinner every weekday. I dress my salads in fresh lemon, olive oil, salt and cracked pepper. Some days I pickle carrots or pepper in a little vinegar. And balsamic is always a welcome dressing.

After-School Snack 🍓

Everyday, I have an after-school snack because I have adopted the Chilean Mantra for super late dinners… After work, I am craving a fresh pick me up to carry my princess stomach until dinner. My typical snack is deliciously toasted integral bread with my *homemade Chickpea Pesto, mustard seed spread, and greens. Other days when I have a raging sweet tooth, I will rock marmalade on toast with fresh fruit like mango and grapes. And days like today, I will make a guac of avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro, lemon, and a touch of New Mexico Green Chile! (GreenChile is my drug and a defining aspect of my New Mexico roots) I happen to love spicy -really spicy- food, like tongue and lips on fire with a bead of sweat on the browline spicy.

*I make homemade pesto for the week almost every weekend. As a spread with mustard seed on toast, in gnocchi, pizza, and in sautéed veggies:

DinDin 🍝

Dinners range from gnocchi to Vietnamese pho. Above I have a GreenChile and mushroom corn chowder, pesto veggie pizza, and veggie coconut curry.

If you are craving my manic-kitchen creations, send me a request! I am happy to share the kitchen love. Also, if you have not already, check out my posts There is Blood in our Cosmetics: Take Initiative against Palm Oil and The Devastation that is the Palm Oil Industry. For more information on palm oil and the 28 day Palm Oil Challenge see my post Taking the Challenge! Say No to Palm Oil.

Aimed at my Chilean following a Spanish article

Pantry clearned of palm oil and it’s not so bad! And I feel better knowing that me, this one consumer, is not feeding into the corporate destruction of precious rainforest and displacement of local peoples. Any comments or suggestions? Share below. I want to share this journey with lovely company. Have a beautiful and palm oil wise weekend!


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