Week 3 & 4: The Oil In Our Suds

Here in it's finality, the palm oil challenge was possible with a little love, a little coconut oil, and a lot of yoga!... Yoga does wonders for my thinker 💡 This weeks palm oil post was difficult to write. Not because I didn't have something to say... rather, I had too much to say and my … Continue reading Week 3 & 4: The Oil In Our Suds


To The First Cyclist in My Life: My Mother

Life is like a 10-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.” - Charles M. Schultz My mother regularly exercises her gears. The six years before she became a mother, she biked to work. After a brief break to care for my sibilings and I, my mother returned to her wheels and has … Continue reading To The First Cyclist in My Life: My Mother

Week 2- Palm Oil Challenge: Say No to Chains!

Ditch Starbucks questionable ethics for the artful, quarky, and local Baristas! It is old news that supporting your local businesses, rather than corporate and chain, supports the economy. BUT... The benefits of supporting local shops are not simply economic they are ethical!


A Glimpse into my Chile World

By request (@Bhavana Jha). Here is a glimpse further into my Chile experience: Leaving behind my family in New Mexico, and my doctoral program in Delaware, I moved to Chile for 10 months of reasearch. Just before the 2017 new year, with three bags and a ticket stamped Santiago 🇨🇱, I boarded my southbound plane. Stretching … Continue reading A Glimpse into my Chile World


Go Home Earth– You’re Under the Weather!

Today influenced by a deeply-pitiful fever, I am sympathizing with the earth in the most humanly possible way.  I sit here somewhat helpless as a greater organism, completely at the mercy of my tissue, cell, and organelle. Yesterday,  my upper respiratory infection turned into Laryngitis. While no doctor has confirmed, the sheer inability to part my lips … Continue reading Go Home Earth– You’re Under the Weather!