A Glimpse into my Chile World

By request (@Bhavana Jha). Here is a glimpse further into my Chile experience:

Leaving behind my family in New Mexico, and my docotoral program in Delaware, I moved to Chile for 10 months of reasearch. Just before the 2017 new year, with three bags and a ticket stamped Santiago 🇨🇱, I boarded my southbound plane.

Stretching the distance of New York City to Bogota,  Chile is the longest country in the world at 2,653 miles (4270 km). And maybe more astonishing is the aspect ratio of Chile’s width to length at 4/100. For context, the average width from Pacific Ocean to the Bolivia and Argentina border is a mere 110 miles (177 km). Chile is cuddled against the west coast of South America beside the Pacific. The Andes run the length of the country, making the mountains and oceans pratically unavoidable. During my time here, I have been blessed enough to travel. First to Valaparaiso, a standing and living museum of street art. I spent the New Year Celebrations in the streets celebrating with thousands eating empanadas and gazing at the miraculous fireworks. Then to Pichilemu, one of the premier surf capitals of the Pacific Coastline. A dear friend and I braved the frigid surf! And my most outstanding journey to date, I flew far south to explore southern Patagonia: by bike and by boot.

Most weekends, and when I am not backpacking in a pocket of the Andes or bussing 🚌 to the coastline, I am sitting in one of the lovely cafes, walking distance, from my house writing here to you! While the intentions for EcoMouthPiece preced Santiago, the in entirety of this blog was created and has flourished here in Chile.

As with every post, you are lovely! So have a beautiful day 🌼




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