When Life Feels like an Iceberg

The Daliy Grind

Positivity is not a personality trait rather a choice, but even embracing positivity will not keep the struggle bus away. I fell like I have spent a fair amount of July with my rear deeply rooted in the old, brown leather benches. My buttprint religiously pressed on the pew of pending climate crisis. I take solace in my efforts to reduce my own impact and bring bitter consciousness to a broader audience, but realistically I am human and the statistics I face in my articles weigh on me and my daily optimism.

While I have never considered myself optimistic (rather realistic) my levels of optimism have been teetering to significantly lower levels this month. On July 12th an iceberg weighing more than 1.1 trillion tons broke off from the Larsen C Ice Shelf of Antártica.


In Denial “we see what we expect”. Whether this is a sign of global warming or not, there is no denial that the climate of the earth is changing. For more on the events here is an article by the guardian with excerpts from several scientists that have been observing the ice shelfs in Antarctica.

Stay Lovely, and some advice to myself as well as you, embrace the bad days to make the good days more beautiful.







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