On the Move!! The Chile Wind Down…

My visa expired October 31st as I enjoyed the beautiful and colorful eastern slopes of the Andes from my temporary vantage in Mendoza. In a matter of days, I have fallen in love with the cultural temperament, arid climate and mountainous horizon of the Argentinian Wine Region.

Los PreAndes courtesy of Mr. Will.

I am writing this from a cafe eating scrambled eggs and cancelling flights. Stranded in Mendoza, we wait for a bus to ascend into the high Andes snowpass dividing Argentina and Chile. Snow storms have created hazardous road conditions that prevent myself and my road companion (William) from returning to Chile.

image1Photos from our adventure across the Andes into Argentina (with a bystander jaja)… During our adventure into Argentina, we reached elevations of 3200m (10,500ft) crossing Paso Internacional Los Libertadores. The drive between Santiago and Mendoza crosses the highest range of the Andes which includes Aconcagua the highest peak in South America at 6962 m (22841 ft). Crazier fact Aconcagua is not even in the tallest 100 mountains of the world. Every mountain over 7010m (23000ft) resides in the mountain ranges of Asia.


Before my excursion to Argentina, I packed my life into one suitcase, a duffle, and backpacking backpack. In Barrio Italia, my belongings sit stacked in a small corner of the apartment I have called home for the last year.

For the next three weeks, I will backpack and hostel my way through the south of Chile and give my adiós to the beautiful and diverse country that is Chile. Should the South American weather gods and luck permit, we will meander around the Lagos , Isla Chiloe, and the Carretera Austral regions of northern Patagonia.

This is all to say, I will be slow in making new EcoMouthPieces for the next month. Rest assured, my thoughts never wander far from you and my work. Several articles brew in the pots mustering the tannins that bring the Bitter to my words. I hope to update EcoMouthPiece regularly, however traveling is an adventure. So, expect some tannin rich articles upon my return to the United States.

Cheers lovely, I raise my glass to you. Have a beautiful day because you are beautiful.

Actively sending adventure vibes your way,




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