On the Move!! The Chile Wind Down…

My visa expired October 31st as I enjoyed the beautiful and colorful eastern slopes of the Andes from my temporary vantage in Mendoza. In a matter of days, I have fallen in love with the cultural temperament, arid climate and mountainous horizon of the Argentinian Wine Region. I am writing this from a cafe eating … Continue reading On the Move!! The Chile Wind Down…


Made-to-Matter: Deceitful Branding to the Conscience Consumer

I want to provoke a social-wide reflection on our purchase habits and flash a light on the shortcomings of industrial companies that undermine well-intentioned consumers like us. At face value, programs like Made to Matter are deceiving because the "M to M" iniciative accounts for less than 1/70th of Targets sales. In addition, the brands represented under “M to M” only qualify as "partially-conscience" brands by my standards.

NowActions: An EarthJustice Update

A couple weeks ago, I discussed the NowActions I have taken in my posts: My Life Chronicles: A 2017 Update and Procrastination is Damnation: Embracing proACTION. Well today I have another NowAction to add to that list. I applied for a Position with EarthJustice!!! The position is only part-time and temporary, but this application resembles my biggest … Continue reading NowActions: An EarthJustice Update

The Closet Skeletons of the E-Generation: Electronics and Disposal

Spooky, Full of Turkey, Spoiled in Gifts, and a New Year. With the approaching consumer-holidays, we can combat a season of electronic-carnage.  Join me for an extensive post in the production of E-Waste and the mechanisms we can use to combat electronic waste. Note: this post is a hefty one, but I felt it was … Continue reading The Closet Skeletons of the E-Generation: Electronics and Disposal