When Life Feels like an Iceberg

On July 12th an iceberg weighing more than 1.1 trillion tons broke off from the Larsen C Ice Shelf of Antártica. In Denial “we see what we expect”. Whether this is a sign of global warming or not, there is no denial that the climate of the earth is changing. For more on the events here is an article by the guardian with excerpts from several scientists that have been observing the ice shelfs in Antarctica.

Go Home Earth– You’re Under the Weather!

Today influenced by a deeply-pitiful fever, I am sympathizing with the earth in the most humanly possible way.  I sit here somewhat helpless as a greater organism, completely at the mercy of my tissue, cell, and organelle. Yesterday,  my upper respiratory infection turned into Laryngitis. While no doctor has confirmed, the sheer inability to part my lips … Continue reading Go Home Earth– You’re Under the Weather!