Waste Not, Want Not. Eat The LeftOvers!!

  I have a simple question to get your fruit juices flowing: Would you trash food during a famine? NO! Of course not... Today I want to focus on one consumer problem -and one of my biggest petpeeves- food waste. World Hunger: Imagine you just ordered a delicious chocolate orange torta (insert your favorite sweet treat). … Continue reading Waste Not, Want Not. Eat The LeftOvers!!


A Palm Oil Riddle with 200 Names

Searching through the ingredient list should not feel like a riddle. Before removing nearly all processed foods, I spent too-much priceless time trying to decipher the legible, and yet completely incomprehensible, ingredients in my shopping basket.

Save Our Busy Bees?!

We, humans, are the experts when it comes to eradicating bugs; unfortunately, this extends to the butterflies, the dragonflies, and the ladybugs too. While the issues of extermination reach far beyond this post, here, I focus solely on one very important class of pollinators, the Busy Bees. The first time I heard about the bee … Continue reading Save Our Busy Bees?!


The Devastation that is the Palm Oil Industry

While I believe in the importance of positivity, in some topics it is hard to see anything but devastation. This is one of those topics. If you could name a single thing found in almost every commercial product on the shelf (cereal to shampoo), what would it be? For once, I am not talking about … Continue reading The Devastation that is the Palm Oil Industry