Earthly Circadian Rhythms: Seasons and Snores

Earth's Circadian Cycle Beauty arises each spring upon the bones of each winter past. Bees kiss blossoms then summer comes with deep greens and summer glows. Long summer nights wake to greet warm fall breezes. Wafts of nutmeg and clove as burgundy confetti leaves the trees. Deep winter reveals stock and stem, She will rest … Continue reading Earthly Circadian Rhythms: Seasons and Snores


¡Water Alter!

The water security in Cape Town, South Africa is in a state of disaster as of May 2017. The following are guidlines provided to the peoples of Cape Town: Guidelines for water usage released in September banned all use of drinking water for non-essential purposes and urged people to use less than 87 liters (23 … Continue reading ¡Water Alter!

Made-to-Matter: Deceitful Branding to the Conscience Consumer

I want to provoke a social-wide reflection on our purchase habits and flash a light on the shortcomings of industrial companies that undermine well-intentioned consumers like us. At face value, programs like Made to Matter are deceiving because the "M to M" iniciative accounts for less than 1/70th of Targets sales. In addition, the brands represented under “M to M” only qualify as "partially-conscience" brands by my standards.

The Closet Skeletons of the E-Generation: Electronics and Disposal

Spooky, Full of Turkey, Spoiled in Gifts, and a New Year. With the approaching consumer-holidays, we can combat a season of electronic-carnage.  Join me for an extensive post in the production of E-Waste and the mechanisms we can use to combat electronic waste. Note: this post is a hefty one, but I felt it was … Continue reading The Closet Skeletons of the E-Generation: Electronics and Disposal