Catch of the Day: The Fishing Industry Battered & Fried

What is the environmental impact of the average fish n' chips or sushi meal?? the answer may have you ordering the vegetarian roll... More than 100 million metric tonnes of fish are consumed annually. In 2014, the United Nations reported 17% of consumed protein was fish. But literally, an ocean of fish is not enough … Continue reading Catch of the Day: The Fishing Industry Battered & Fried


Sandy Butts: A Breakdown of Cigarette Litter

Litter does not belong on the beaches we lay on, the sand our children play in, and the oceans that purify our air. Today at the beach, my hands reeked of burnt cigarette. I lifted hundreds, maybe thousands, of butts from the sand. Enough to fill an entire grocery bag. Cigarettes are litter just like every grocery bag and bottle.