Week 3 & 4: The Oil In Our Suds

Here in it's finality, the palm oil challenge was possible with a little love, a little coconut oil, and a lot of yoga!... Yoga does wonders for my thinker 💡 This weeks palm oil post was difficult to write. Not because I didn't have something to say... rather, I had too much to say and my … Continue reading Week 3 & 4: The Oil In Our Suds


Week 2- Palm Oil Challenge: Say No to Chains!

Ditch Starbucks questionable ethics for the artful, quarky, and local Baristas! It is old news that supporting your local businesses, rather than corporate and chain, supports the economy. BUT... The benefits of supporting local shops are not simply economic they are ethical!

Week 1 – Say No to Palm Oil

"La guerra al aceite de palma está declarada". -ABC Sociedad. On April 5th J. G. Stegmann journalist for ABC in Madrid, declared war on palm oil and I agree! Industry says " En muchos casos no se puede sustituir (translation: in most cases it cannot be replaced)" but scientists disagree. Read the full article Estas son … Continue reading Week 1 – Say No to Palm Oil


Taking the Challenge! Say No to Palm Oil

April 23, 2017: (Appropriately. The day after Earth Day and the March for Science) I am embarking on a journey to remove palm oil from all aspects of life: my pantry, my fridge, my shower, and my washing machine. I plan to journal my experience and to periodically post my challenges here on EcoMouthpiece as a source … Continue reading Taking the Challenge! Say No to Palm Oil