Made-to-Matter: Deceitful Branding to the Conscience Consumer

I want to provoke a social-wide reflection on our purchase habits and flash a light on the shortcomings of industrial companies that undermine well-intentioned consumers like us. At face value, programs like Made to Matter are deceiving because the "M to M" iniciative accounts for less than 1/70th of Targets sales. In addition, the brands represented under “M to M” only qualify as "partially-conscience" brands by my standards.


My Life Chronicles: A 2017 Update

While this year, is far from over, 2017 has marked the most influential year of my life. So I am going to take sometime to reflect on this year. This year, more than any other, I have so much to be grateful for. I want to take a few minutes to celebrate the struggles and … Continue reading My Life Chronicles: A 2017 Update

There is Blood in our Cosmetics: Take Initiative against Palm Oil

Our cosmetics, detergents, biofuels and snacks are all filled with a bloodstained oil. The Palm Oil Industry has caused inumerous travesties including: near eradication of orangutans and countless other species; toxic air-quality from flash burns of precious rainforest; displacement of thousands of local villages from stolen and destroyed homes; and poorly compensated labor from smallhold … Continue reading There is Blood in our Cosmetics: Take Initiative against Palm Oil