The Mouth

Who am I?


I have spent my whole life asking this question . I am ever growing–reaching to become a deeply conscience and productive character amidst today’s ever worsening environmental impact.  With each day my aspirations refocus. My vision evolves as my perspectives change and my life experiences broaden.

As one of my many pass times, the art of food brings me incredible joy. Cooking, eating, and developing a deeply conscious palette for oysters and gin. Though I recognize the possibility, I truly hope that in my exploration for coexistence with the environment, I will not need to sacrifice food.

Along with food, I crave the addictive runners high, the deep-breathing meditation of yoga, and the discovery of travel. I love to lose myself in symphony music while I stare into a blank canvas. Seeing a painting blossom on the page, like watching cell reproduction under a microscope, is a beautiful demonstration of life and the construction of the mind.

Similar to the effect of meditation, for me, science is one of the most personal ways to develop central and spatial awareness. As a vetted nerd and engineer I find pleasure in the challenges of puzzles and the pursuit of knowledge.

Through my pursuit of knowledge, I want to influence our communities to preserve our nature and heal our relationship with the earth. A community culture is only as beautiful as we, the members, make it. My ultimate fulfillment will come in the form of fighting the growing impact humans have on our fragile and necessary climate.

My name is Laura Bernadette and through my posts, I hope to justly convey the things I care about, namely: the environment, the earth, and the boundary between human and nature interaction. See A Glimpse into my Chile World, My Life Chronicles: A 2017 Update, or Becoming an EcoWarrior: Why Yoga is Good for the Environment for the bigger picture of my life and my work.


Please if you feel motivated to contact me, I would love to hear from you: